Autoethographic recount of State of Play

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Autoethnography to me sounds oddly like a niche branch of medicine practiced by only a few dedicated doctors. However, I have learnt despite my initial first impression this is not the case. Autoethnography is a means of exploring other cultures, religions and experiences without having to be objective and disregard your personal observations and experiences when undertaking investigation. I think this is great because there is usually an element of bias within research no matter how objective an individual try to be, and acknowledging the individual’s knowledge and experience, opens an extra element of understanding for everyone involved.

tumblr_nwj3gtcQq91tj1kneo1_400So watching the documentary ‘State of Play’, which follows the path of aspiring professional gamers in Korean who play ‘StarCraft’, was really interesting for me.

starcraft pic.jpgOne of the first things I noticed was how dedicated the players were to their games, which I would compare to NRL and FIFA players who train…

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