Why so curious?

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but that’s no reason to sit on the couch your entire life. Everything we do is driven by curiosity and the yearning to know more about what something is like. From doing that extra loop around the car park to see if there is a closer spot, to University Degrees and research programs which without curiosity, would be non existent. That NASA have a rover on Mars with the name of ‘Curiosity’ really sums that whole concept up quite neatly.

The Oxford definition of curiosity is both “A strong desire to know or learn something”, and “An unusual or interesting object or fact”. Now imagine a society with no desire to see or learn about something interesting like cooking a new meal or finding that big undiscovered island. We would probably still be eating gruel and living somewhere in Europe, with a mass overcrowding problem that no one would have the motivation to fix. Simply as there would be no inclination to see what the society would look like if we fixed it. It would be complete chaos.

Curiosity for me has lead to my desire to travel and see the world. Being born in London, and spending my childhood in New Zealand before moving to Australia when I was 7, has left me with a desire to see ‘home’.  I was always curious for insight into how my life would’ve turned out if my parents had never left London or if I’d stayed in New Zealand. Traveling across the ditch was no problem, I would go back and visit my kiwi relatives all the time and did many road trips through the beautiful NZ countryside.

London however is a bit longer and expensive than the typical 3hour plane ride to Christchurch, meaning until I was 20 I had never had a chance to go back. One of the more odd desires to have come out of this was to simply see the hospital where I was born. This may seem silly, but a lot of my friends would drive past their hospitals daily. It was something little and probably underwhelming but to simply see it and to say I’ve been there was actually really important to me.



So at the beginning of this year, my friend and I packed our bags, saved our pennies and went backpacking around Europe! Starting in London (with a visit to Kingston Upon Thames hospital in Wimbledon), we made our way through 6 different countries in 6 weeks. Obviously was the best 6 weeks of my life. We experienced so many different and interesting cultures, met some amazing people and saw some of the prettiest sights through our own eyes and not just a photo.


The Scottish Highlands

Without the human desire of curiosity, none of the things which make life worth living would mean anything. Even if they’re little ones.

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