Does the clean eating trend have a clean conscience?

I do believe there is merit to eating a bowl of vegetables instead of a burger occasionally. But I am fortunate enough to live in a household where my parents have the means and the time to provide me with healthy alternatives. Many other families are unable to provide this for many reasons.

Jamie Oliver and his ‘Food Revolution’ aimed to transform the way people eat with convenience, promoting healthier and easier options including growing a veggie garden, and buying organic or free range produce to cook beautiful meals for your family. His idea for a healthier world is inspirational yet he assumes everyone has the time and the money to buy and cook healthier. (B Boyers, 2012)

Jamie has put an unfair amount of pressure on ‘mums’ to cook the right way for their kids. Tying back in with traditional gender roles of women belonging in the kitchen and babysitting while the men go out and bring home the bacon, which is a ridiculously  outdated reality.

Further the trend of extreme healthy eating could harm individuals who follow advice of ‘Wellness Warriors’ such as Jess Ainscough and Belle Gibson. Both claiming through blogging to have cured themselves of cancer, using a natural therapy known as The Gerson Therapy.

This spoke to fearful and vulnerable individuals who needed guidance on coping with cancer, and the hope and inspiration in the heartfelt stories of these “Wellness Warriors” was enough to  motivate fans suffering the disease to give natural medicine a go.

Gerson Therapy has been around since the 1920’s developed by Max Gerson MD. It invloves a strict nutritional program designed to kill off cancer cells through creating an internal environment where the malignant  cells are unable to adapt. (D Gorski, 2015)

Yet Jess Ainscough and her mother Sharyn Ainscough, have since passed away from their cancer, and Belle Gibson has confessed she never had any type of cancer which she miraculously cured. (R Guilliatt, 2015)

Both Jamie Oliver and Wellness Warriors prey upon vulnerabilities, whether it be childhood obesity, diabetes or cancer. These scare tactics have people committing themselves to extreme diets with the potential to cause serious harm. Further they guilt people without the means or time to believe they are bad mothers because they are unable to feed their children to Jamie Oliver’s standards.

That’s not what “healthy” is or should be.

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