What’s Hidden Through Time?

Too often people become engrossed in their own lives, forgetting that a universe full of amazing people and things exist outside of their little bubble. But all it can take is a conversation to bring you back down to earth.

My mother Andrea Williamson, is a nurse at the Gymea Bay nursing home. She comes home from her shifts in either one of two moods; dejected, because she feels sorry for the people there who just want to see their families, or simply be able to shower independently. Or ecstatic; as one of the lovely people has told her a story about who they used to be and the cheeky things they used to get up to as a youngster.

This was my inspiration, I had to meet some of these people who had the ability to affect my mother so profusely.

Clive Coleman is a cheeky old man, never too far away from his coke can. During the interview he drank one and had three more on his table. His wife Norma Coleman sadly passed away earlier in the year, from the effects of a stroke a few years back. Clive also suffered a stroke exactly 12 months after Norma. His son morbidly joked when she passed that it’ll be Clive’s funeral this time next year because he was always a year behind her.

‘I still get to see her every day though.’ Clive insists, gesturing to a large picture on his wardrobe of his lovely wife wearing a Santa hat.

Gloria Campbell spends most of her days outside at the nursing home, she’s a dedicated smoker and at 80 has no chance of giving it up. On Sundays she loves going with her sister-in-law to get pancakes and coffee which is the highlight from her week, aside from feeding the cockatoos! Gloria was asked to run a childcare center in her 20’s, which by the time she sold it she made quite a profit which let her pay off her mortgage and leave a fair amount away for her nieces and nephews. She loves helping them out, and even bought one of them a hotdog stand so he could get his life in order.

This cliché’ is one which needs to be expressed, because nothing is more important than listening.

This video montage was created with thanks to the nurses and residents of the Gymea Bay nursing home.

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