This is my critique of Ashleigh Johnstone’s Emotional History of the Illawarra story ‘Pissed Off’. 

I really enjoy Adam’s use of swearing in this piece as it’s an obvious portrayal of his anger towards this situation even before the story reveals exactly why it is he’s angry. His fast pace in telling his story also does this, as well as attributing to explaining how anxious he was feeling. The narrative in the story telling was done well, and we get a sense of Adam’s personality and a vast understanding of his emotional journey to get the courage to tell his parents he was gay, just for them to laugh in his face in such an anti-climatic, unsatisfactory way. 

The ambient sounds this peice presented I felt were lacking. The bird noises set the scene of where the interview was taken, not necessarily putting you where the story was describing. When Adam was describing the dinner scene, there seemed to be the sound of seagulls in the background which added no value to the scene being described, and was actually a bit confusing.

This is a wonderful piece describing the traumas of coming out to ones parents, but the editing of the piece could’ve used a little more effort.

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