I chose Lucas to be my subject for assignment 1, as he has a passion for things with an engine like I’ve never seen before. 

He grew up in his garage tinkering away with his dad on cars, motorised eskys and god knows what else, so naturally the hobby of fitting together parts to make things move turned into a big part of his life.

I want to communicate in my assignment the passion he has for fixing things which others can’t and creating things no one had ever really thought of. 

With the general garage noises in the background of tools and the buzzing of machinery and excitement in my recording, I hope to capture the care and time Lucas puts into his creations. With an occasional engine rev to show the immaculate finished products. Whilst telling a story of why Lucas is so passionate about cars, and why it was such a big part of his life as a child. I know his dad has had a lot of influence on his lifestyle, and as he has now moved overseas, i hope to convey the connection he feels he keeps with his father through continuing their shared legacy of things that go braaaaap. 10581796_803754599644777_1682448607_n

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